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  • Compare files with... Kaleidoscope

    15 Day Trial

    Clarity in (mili) seconds - Text Scope

    Text Scope Screenshot

    Compare text in Blocks, Fluid and Unified layouts in both Two-Way and Three-Way modes. Quickly navigate and search through the most readable diff you've ever seen.

    • Three-Way Merge intelligently auto-merges the right content
    • Seamlessly switch between three different layouts
    • Pick your font and color scheme, with or without wrapping
    • Powerful search and navigation features
    • Did we mention it's blazing fast?


    Unified Layout


    Spot the Differences - Image Scope

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    Four Layouts

    Incredibly Fast  

    With four different layouts and exceptional performance, Kaleidoscope makes reviewing image files that much easier and quicker.

    • Perfect for photographers, retouchers and designers
    • Did we mention it's super snappy?


    Spot On

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    Information at a Glance - Folder Scope


    With powerful data filtering and exceptional performance, Kaleidoscope makes reviewing differences in files & folders easier than ever.

    • Ultra-fast algorithm for finding differences in large folders
    • Sort and filter down to what matters most
    • Drill deeper into folders for more detailed comparisons
    • Copy your preferred files across sources



    Complete your Workflow


    Drag and drop files and launch comparisons from other apps. View grouped changes from Git, SVN, Mercurial, Bazaar, or Perforce in one clear changeset.

    • A hugely efficient addition to anyone's toolkit
    • Flexible interface with great drag and drop support
    • Get a complete and concise overview in a changeset
    • Integrate with a world of other tools!

    Files Galore

    Plays Nice



    • Organized workflow
      One tab per comparison
    • Compare two+ files
      Add any number of files per tab
    • Always up to date
      Auto-refreshes when files change
    • File Shelf
      Quickly go from file to file
    • Path Bar
      See where your files are
    • Keyboard shortcuts
      Every action has a shortcut

    Text Scope

    • Supports any text file
      Plain text, source code, HTML, and import text from .doc and .rtf files
    • Two-Way and Three-Way Merge
      Pick the content you want to keep
    • Clear visualization
      Added, deleted and changed text
    • Three layouts
      Blocks, Fluid & Unified
    • Customizable
      Pick your font and color scheme
    • Instant search
    • Change Stepper
      Quickly jump from change to change

    Image Scope

    • All popular image file formats
      JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD and more.
    • Four connected layouts
      Two-Up, One-Up, Split & Difference
    • Comprehensive image support
      RGB/CMYK/LAB, alpha, any size.
    • Multi-touch support
      Smooth scrolling and pinch to zoom
    • Customizable environment
      Change background color, difference mask and checkerboard settings
    • Two difference mask modes
      Spot absolute or relative changes

    Folder Scope

    • Compare two+ folders
      Add any number of folders per tab
    • Powerful filtering
      Choose only the types of differences you want to see
    • Safe bulk copies
      Select what you want to copy and move it safely all at once
    • Dig deeper
      Double click a row to explore the details
    • Live updates
      Auto-refreshes when files change
    • Compare everything
      Double click any row to open Image, Text, or Folder scope
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  • Integration

    • Git, Mercurial, SVN, Bazaar & Perforce
      Integrate with a couple of clicks
    • ksdiff Command-line tool
      Integrate with practically anything
    • Changeset
      All your changed project files conveniently grouped in one tab
    • Third Party Apps
      Versions, SourceTree, Tower, TextMate's SVN & Mercurial bundles and more

    System Requirements

    • An Intel based Mac
    • Mac OS X 10.7.3 or later

    We hope you'll take Kaleidoscope for a spin.